Viverra was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. She attended her first anime convention wearing her first cosplay in 2005 and has been hooked ever since. She went to college for Fashion Design in 2009 because of her love of cosplay. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design in 2013 and went on to work at a large retailer the same year where she currently works as a designer. She has now been cosplaying for 11 years and cosplays everything from anime to movies to video games. She specializes in sewing with skills also in leatherworking, 3D printing, foam work, etc. Viverra is excited to attend a convention in her hometown.


Viverra will also be one of the judges for the Animania Cosplay Contest!


You can follow her Facebook page for updates and photos of her cosplay at www.facebook.com/viverracosplay.




I was born in Czech Republic, but I currently live in Wichita Falls, Texas. I attended my first Comic Con in Dallas, (Fan Expo 2014), where I met many famous cosplayers and I started cosplaying in late October 2014 with my first cosplay of The Punisher from Marvel. I have been cosplaying for almost 2 and a half years. Since then, I have worked with a lot of different materials for cosplaying, such as EVA foam, thermoplastic, pepakura, polypropylene plastic, and 3D printing. I try to cosplay more original characters that are not often seen at conventions and I cosplay mostly from videogames, movies, and TV shows. Cosplay is my biggest passion in life, I enjoy the creativity around it, and I view it as a serious art, so I always try to put my best into my costumes. I'm more known for my cosplays of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and Barbarian from Diablo III.


Aside from cosplaying, I'm an Economic major student in my senior year and tennis athlete, both at Midwestern State University. In my free time I play tennis, go to cinema, play video games, read books, and of course mak costumes.


My motto: "You can achieve anything in your life, no matter where you come from."     FACEBOOK LINK


Shonuff! Studio


Shonuff! Studio consists of Partners and “draw-matic duo” Halo Sama and Terry Parr professional artists in the industry for over a decade! With Halo’s cartoon anime style & Terry’s comic pin-up style, they can handle any art project thrown at them!


They are currently working on their own comics, AEROBICIDE, The Extreme Ninja Workout, published by APE Entertainment and The Essential Zombie Kitty Pet Guide, published by Dusk Comics. They illustrated & colored art for the El Peso Hero comic series and even had an award-winning design on TeeFury! Their clients also include some of largest anime conventions in North America, like Project A-Kon and AnimeFest. Terry and Halo have both designed ad campaigns for City of Fort Worth TX Parks Dept, the Burleson Public Library and many more! They’ve even had the honor of working with DC/Marvel Comics legend, Kerry Gammill!


They also founded the Sketch Dojo program that connects local and indie artists with each other to improve their skills and form a positive art community. We got that creative GLOW!!

Dusk Comics


Dusk Comics is an independent publisher that hails from Denton, Texas, and specializes in producing sophisticated and provocative comic books from various creators. They are a collective of mad comic book geniuses - artists and writers alike. Each comic book created finds its own niche in the ever-evolving market.


The mastermind behind Dusk Comics is David Doub, the publisher and main writer of the company. Self-proclaimed Lord of the Vampires,  second only to Lestat. He is the man behind the company’s flagship comic Dusk,  an unabashed story of vampires, hunters, and magic. Don’t worry, his vampires don’t sparkle.




We are a non-profit GB fangroup in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our focus is community service, volunteering, and interacting with the public. We are certified and recognized by Sony as an official Ghostbusters franchise. Founded with just a few members in 2009, we are proud to have participated in countless conventions and events over the years. We’re proud to say that we’re definitely a fan favorite, and never charge for photo ops with our members, props, or Ectomobiles.



Stormie Koi Cosplay


Born in Texas, but raised in Florida, she has recently moved back to Texas to take the cosplay scene on ! Stormie went to a magnet school all through high school for Film and Acting but has been acting since she was around ten years old. Costuming, shorts and dancing have consumed her life since her freshmen year of high school and before ! A beginner at making her craft, she works hard at making even purchased cosplays look to amazing to everyone to advocate that anyone can cosplay, no matter your appearance or finances. As of this year, she has been going to conventions for 13 years and cosplaying for over half of those, enjoying the community. Aside from her passion of cosplay, she also works a full time job and finds time to dance as a member of the dance cover group, QoH.




James Larabee


James Larabee is a voice actor/actor who lives and works in Dallas Texas!


Having worked in Voice Over for several years, James has found a home with Indie Voice Over projects.  Voicing everything from video games to visual novels, he's done it all.


Some of his indie Voice Over work includes:  Anima: Gate of Memories for PS4, Backstage Pass by Sakevisual, Beyond Despair on Steam, The Last of the Disciples by Fantasy Soft, Brilliant Shadows and Pale Spectrum-visual novels on Steam, The Adventures of Petey and Friends,  Starship Moonhawk, Lucid 9, and many more!


 In addition to his voice work, James can be seen on the Reelz Channel in the shows Murder Made Me Famous and Scandal Made Me Famous as well as in the critically acclaimed movie The Clown. James is also an accomplished cartoonist and is the author and artist of the online cartoon strip The Home of Happiness.  Feel free to visit his website at www.thehomeofhappiness.weebly.com to see more of what James is acting and voicing!


Caleb Brown


I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. I started really getting into drawing when I was in 3rd grade at Holliday ISD. In Sophomore year in High School, I entered my first drawing contest, "Wichita Falls Zombie Crawl Art contest" in 2013 and won a merit award. Right now, I am attending at Vernon College jr. to take my basics, and transfer over to an Art College. Still pondering where.


I am also the artist of the 2017 Animania T-Shirt seen to the left!


Caleb Baker/CyberKnight8610


I am a proffesional youtuber, my channel name is CyberKnight8610. I post videos about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game on YouTube. On my channel you can expect videos over the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! news, Deck Profiles, Pack/ Box openings and other original series.