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Born in Texas, but raised in Florida, she has recently moved back to Texas to take the cosplay scene on ! Stormie went to a magnet school all through highschool for Film and Acting but has been acting since she was around ten years old. Costuming, shorts and dancing have consumed her life since her freshmen year of highschool and before ! A beginner at making her craft, she works hard at making even purchased cosplays look to amazing to everyone to advocate that anyone can cosplay, no matter your appearance or finances. This year, she has been going to conventions for 13 years and cosplaying for over half of those, enjoying the community. Aside from her passion of cosplay, she also works a full time job and finds time to dance as a memeber of the dance cover group, Start Splash.







Dat Ashe Cosplay is a Finnish-American cosplayer currently residing in Texas. He's been cosplaying for eight years and has been constructing his own costumes and costume pieces since June 2013! His cosplays have even been featured on Cosplay Deviants, and you can see him at multiple other conventions with his troupe, Texan Heat Nerdlesque! With 50+ costumes under his belt; he's ready to share some knowledge of sewing, altering, and general positiveness.


Get ready for a confidence boost! If you see him, don't hesitate to say hello!





Julez is a cosplayer from Arlington, Texas who has been cosplaying for 4 years and counting. She has a passion for creating, crafting and designing. Within the past year she has challenged herself in creating more elaborate projects and has learned new techniques along the way.  She is very excited to join Animania in 2018!





I'm Tugg, a bull terrier puppy. My life hasn't started out so easy, but I'm hoping that things will only get better from here!


I was rescued from the side of a busy highway, I had demodectic mange that covered about 80% of my body, and lots of other infections and and things that didn't work right. The officer that took me in thought I looked like I had been badly burned.


The people at the shelter did all they could to help me. So, after being at the shelter for a little over a week, and being put on the 24 hour euthanasia list, my mommy and daddy (who are animal control officers at the shelter) said they would not let me die and would do what they can to help me.


The next day I went to see the family vet. He is such a nice guy! He did tests on me to find out what I have, and said that with some time, love, good food and medication (money too), I should make a full recovery.


Each day was a new day for Tugg, and he saw the world through his newly opened eyes, in a way that was full of wonder and amazement. Like a child wrapped in a dog suit, he also discovered that while he was getting better in the real world, in Tugg’s world, he was also a super hero. Sometimes his adventures even take on a look like being in a comic book. So he started a Facebook page. Within a week, the number of Facebook followers had climbed to 100. By two weeks the number had almost doubled, and by a month Tugg’s page had almost 1,000 followers from all over the world.


Tugg’s pupdates are full of hope and wuff — his word for love. People come to get inspired, uplifted, supported, motivated and accepted for who they truly are. Tugg's pupdates are all about positive energy, happiness, empowerment, turning negatives into positives and focusing on the can-do's in life. There is no obstacle Tugg can’t overcome, and he always tries to see the good in every situation. Sometimes you'll be moved to tears, others to laughter. Tugg promotes kindness, charity, philanthropy, responsible pet ownership, wuff and social responsibility.





 “Charlotte is a Texas grown cosplayer that can usually been seen in Harley Quinn, Star Lord, or Super Girl. Still pretty new to cosplaying she creates and elaborates every costume she makes until it’s perfect! Charlotte hopes to share her passion and love for creating cosplays! She is super excited for Animania Wichita Falls 2018!”





"Tristen Dunman is a self taught freelance artist. Well known for her Jacksepticeye animation, she's been animating since 2009. While she does animate she prefers to put her talent towards creating digital art, as well as some cosplay.


She's excited to show how she creates some of that art, at Animania! And hopes to inspire someone!"





Lexi Divine is a cosplayer, artist and model from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She created Divine Dolls Entertainment to showcase her love of cosplay and art! She's known for her hard work, determination, dedication, passion and kindness. She collaborates with many local artists doing the coloring for their line work. She's been cosplaying since 2015 and it's one of her biggest passions along with art, photo editing, crafting, and gaming. She's known for her Lara Croft cosplay from the video game prequal series, as well as Bombshell Catwoman and Mari from Evangelion. She's excited to meet amazing new people so please come say hi!





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