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Host a Panel at Animania 2018!


We consider submissions from everyone over the age of 16. Proposals are evaluated both individually and against similar types of proposals. To help you focus your proposal, here’s a list of items that will really get you noticed.


We like proposals for panels that:


  •     Directly involve anime, manga or other Japanese culture. For example, a well-planned proposal that features an anime will take priority over an equally well-planned proposal that features an outside fandom, such as American comics or movies. Having said that, we do have a certain amount of leniency, especially if the fandom is large (in other words, we’ve received a lot of proposals for it).
  •     Are well-planned and have supporting materials. The proposal is our first glimpse of how you communicate and what you want to do at Animania. Make sure it’s well-written and try to include evidence that the panel will be successful. If you can’t include something in the online form (such as a picture), email it to animaniawf@gmail.com (make sure to include your name and the panel name for reference).
  •     Are engaging and interactive. We like lectures, too, but a proposal that introduces a creative way to communicate with the audience really catches our eyes.
  •     Are more than dressing in character and showing up. You can certainly submit “in-character” panels, but we’d like to see more than, “come ask your favorite character a question” in the description. If you have support for your panel going well in the past, such as videos, we’d like to see that, too.
  •     Don’t involve physicality. We know that “battle chess” and other such games are super fun, but we don’t have the room or oversight to make sure they run safely, unfortunately.


    Panels for all audience age groups are welcome, just make sure to let us know your panel is 18+ if it is for more adult audiences!


If you have any other questions about this information or the panelist proposal form, please send an email to animania@gmail.com.


How it Works


Now that you have a few guidelines, here’s a quick rundown of how the process works:


  • You submit your proposal online ON OR BEFORE MAY 30th.
  • Once your panel has been submitted, you will be sent a confirmation email that lets you know we have received your panel submission.
  • Make sure that you can get emails from animaniawf@gmail.com.
  • Your panel will be entered into the decision process.
  • Your panel will be reviewed and fall into one of three categories
  •         Approved
  •         Tentative
  •         Denied
  • You’ll be notified of your status via email.
  • During the decision process, we’ll also be in touch with any questions we have about your proposal.
  • If your Panel is selected you will receive a panel pass to the Animania Event, giving you access to all the Animania Events.


It’s important to note that this process isn’t first-come-first-served. For example, if we get a really good proposal about something only loosely connected to event early on, we’ll often put it in the tentative bucket until we’re sure we have space on the schedule.